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This innovative product has a unique feature that sets it apart from regular cooling devices: it can be frozen at room temperature. The material inside the product has a melting and freezing point of about 28°C (82.4°F), which means that it freezes at a lower temperature than this. By freezing at room temperature, it provides a convenient and energy-saving way to keep cool without the use of electronic devices. One of the key properties of the material is its ability to absorb ambient heat. When frozen at room temperature, the product provides gentle cooling relief, making it ideal for those who prefer a more subtle cooling effect. Alternatively, when frozen in the fridge or freezer, the product provides a more intense, chilly impact as it absorbs the heat from the fridge or freezer. This means that people can choose how to use the product based on their personal preferences and needs.

No Condensation!

We used to be very irritated by water droplets and the harm they can cause, such as wet clothes and pet hair, after using traditional cooling products that rely on the properties of water. However, this product offers a unique solution that eliminates the problem of water droplets altogether. With this product, users won’t have to worry about any water droplets forming while it functions. This means that the product can be easily stored anywhere, including a bag or drawer, without the risk of creating a mess. Overall, this product offers a great solution for those who want to stay cool without any of the disadvantages of traditional cooling products.