Is it safe for pets?

Yes, IDEAKOKO’s icicool neckband is safe for human and pet use.

Is it reusable?

Yes, the neckband is designed to be reused and re-frozen for long term use.

Which sizes can I choose from?

There are three product sizes in both the human neckband version and the pet neckband version.
The pet neckband sizes are Small (8x10x1.3 cm/ 11 In.), Medium (10.5x12x1.4 cm/ 10-13 In.), and Large (12.5x15x1.5 cm/ 11.5-15 In.).

What materials are used in the product?

The product is made from a soft, durable, and skin safe TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane) outer layer and a proprietary inner cooling system.

How do i re-freeze the product?

It’s very simple to refreeze. Place the product anywhere that the temperature is below 28°C (82°F). You can also put it in the fridge or freezer for 10-20 minutes. If you cannot access cooling devices, use an icebox or water colder than 28°C (82°F).

Is it true that the cold feeling doesn't last long?

Our test results of product usage remains cold up to 2 hours, but varies slightly for each user. Each person has a different degree of cold sensation, and uses the product in differently. Skin adapts to cold, so you may lose cooling sensitivity.

I want to use it colder what should i do?

Our products tend to absorb the heat surroundings. The location where it refreezes is very important. We recommend re-freezing the product in the fridge or freezer for 10-20 minutes. It will chill quickly and provides an invigorating cold sensation.

Does it produce waterdroplet while using?

No. The IDEAKOKO icicool Neckband does not produce water droplets on the surface while it functions. Our product improves upon the disadvantages of existing cooling products on the market, which produce irritating and messy condensation water drops.

What are IDEAKOKO recommendation on how to use it?

The best way to use our product is to buy several neckbands and alternate their use. If you have a lot of heat, we recommend wearing 2 units at a time. Crush the frozen material by pressing the inside of the product during use.