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Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer!

Discover the ultimate solution to keep your dog cool during hot summer days. The icicool Pet clip-on Cooling Pad is designed to help dogs regulate their body temperature, providing effective cooling even in the hottest weather. Say goodbye to overheating and ensure your pet stays comfortable and happy on every walk.

Key Features

Protect Your Pet from Summer Heat

dog with icecream

Have you seen this kind of Dogs in hot weather?

Dog in Fridge
Dog Dragged
Dog in hot weather

Dogs that try to get into the refrigerator, panting because they're hot, or dogs that don't want to go out at all.

Dog in fountain
Dog seeking Water

Did you know that dogs only have sweat glands on the soles of their feet? This makes it difficult for them to cool down in hot weather. The icicool Pet clip-on Cooling Pad offers an effective way to help your pet stay cool, preventing heatstroke and other heat-related issues. Ensure your furry friend enjoys a safe and enjoyable summer.

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dog with icecream


We received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback and rave reviews from customers who have experienced the exceptional qualities of this product. Many people have expressed their satisfaction and delight with its performance, noting its outstanding features and benefits. The positive reception and high praise that our product has garnered clearly indicate its remarkable reputation and the trust it has built among consumers.

Effective Cooling for Maximum Comfort


The icicool Pet clip-on Cooling Pad provides powerful cooling to help your dog manage their body temperature. Whether you're out for a walk or spending time outdoors, this cooling chip ensures your pet remains cool and comfortable. Its innovative design makes it easy to attach to any harness, providing hassle-free cooling.


Quick and Easy Attachment

easy attachement

Any harness with a max width of 2.5cm is suitable!

**Typically, an H-type harness has a width ranging from 2 to 2.5 cm.

Harness Width 2.5cm
Pet Cooling Chip easy attachment

Attaching the icicool Pet clip-on Cooling Pad to your dog's harness is quick and simple. Designed for convenience, it easily clips onto any harness, making it perfect for busy pet owners. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your dog is comfortable and cool, no matter how hot it gets outside.

Quick and Effortless Freezing

The icicool Pet clip-on Cooling pad can be quickly frozen in just 10-15 minutes. Simply place it in the refrigerator or freezer, and it's ready to provide hours of cooling relief. The pad stays cool without condensation, keeping your pet's fur dry and comfortable. The material inside icicool products has a freezing/melting point of 28°C (82°F).
Thus, the products will re-freeze in any location below 28°C (82°F).

  • Freeze for 15 minutes in a fridge or 10-15 minutes in a fridge or a freezer.
  • Can also be re-frozen using an icebox or cold water.
  • Remember, this material absorbs heat from the surrounding environment

When using icicool products, they absorb heat from the body and surrounding environment. As the product takes heat away from the body, we feel cooler. The products gradually dissolve to maintain a refreshing coolness.

No Condensation

  • icicool products do not produce water droplets on the surface while in use.
  • The innovative product improves on the issue of water droplets on the surface of existing cooling products.
  • Our icicool product ensures that your clothes will stay dry.
  • As our product remains dry, you can stop using it at any time and store it anywhere.

We used to be very irritated by water droplets and the harm they can cause, such as wet clothes and pet hair, after using traditional cooling products that rely on the properties of water. However, this product offers a unique solution that eliminates the problem of water droplets altogether. With this product, users won’t have to worry about any water droplets forming while it functions. This means that the product can be easily stored anywhere, including a bag or drawer, without the risk of creating a mess. Overall, this product offers a great solution for those who want to stay cool without any of the disadvantages of traditional cooling products.

Enjoy Odor-Free Cooling

Odor free
  • Concerned about a pet with a sensitive nose?
  • Worry no more! The icicool Pet Cooling Pad is completely odorless, providing a refreshing experience without any unwanted smells.

Create Your Unique Style


Personalize your cooling pad with a variety of Jibbitz for a unique look!
Thoughtfully designed to combine function and style, complete your pet's distinctive walking and travel look with flair.


& Energy Saving

The icicool products are not only certified as an eco-friendly product by the EU REACH Certification, but they are also a sustainable and recyclable product that can be used semi-permanently. This certification is a new EU chemical management system that aims to register, evaluate, permit, and restrict the use of chemicals based on their amount and risk. By obtaining this certification, icicool products has addressed its commitment to the environment and to producing high-quality products that do not harm the planet. Additionally, this product’s exceptional durability and longevity means that customers do not have to frequently purchase replacements, reducing their environmental impact even further. In today’s world, where sustainability is becoming increasingly important, our icicool products are a responsible and practical solution.

Quality! Quality! Quality!

Through extensive research and testing of raw materials sourced from various countries, we have successfully developed sustainable products with superior quality. In comparison, products manufactured by other companies have shown issues such as leakage, discoloration, or deformation after approximately 4-5 months of use.

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