11 Safety Tips to Hike with Your Dog in the Heat

Looking to have a super fun trip with your dog? Here are some important tips to hike with your dog even in the extreme heat. Walks and hikes are always more fun with a friend, and who better to take as your companion than man’s best friend?

Many dogs are built for long walks, runs, and endurance, making them the perfect exercise and adventure partners. Whether you’re out for a walk around the neighborhood or tackling your next hike, it’s important to keep yourself and your dog safe from overheating.

Dogs are innocent pets, yet they are strong and affectionate enough to protect their owners. Thus, we can’t leave our loveable pets alone when we are going to one of our favorite places. We always want to take our pets everywhere and dogs can be great companions on our journey.

There are a few things to be aware of when you are out and about having fun with your dog in the heat. To keep your dog and yourself safe in high temperatures, invest in sustainable cooling products and remember these 11 safety tips to hike with your dog in the heat.

If you want to hike with your dog in the heat, follow the helpful safety tips listed below.

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1. Research the Weather

A change of weather in the middle of your hike can be a nightmare. Try to plan your hiking trip in the most favorable weather possible. Weather can be tricky and most of the time it’s best to do weather research before making your plans to predict the possible outcomes.

Consult a weather app or watch the weather forecast to choose the perfect day to hike for you and your dog. Avoid extreme heat, humidity, or other potentially dangerous weather phenomenon.

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2. Ensure You Have Packed Everything

To keep your dog well-fed, energized, hydrated, and comfortable, bring along lots of dog food, water, toys, and bowls. If your dog eats dry food, bring plenty for as many hiking days as you desire. The more prepared you are with your dog’s essential items, the less chance you have of running into a problem.

We suggest that you refrigerate any wet or home-cooked food they prefer to preserve the food. You can bring along a cooler or lunch bag to keep your pet’s food and water cool on hot days. One of the top safety tips to hike with your dog in the heat is to plan ahead and remember to bring anything you thing you may need on your adventure.

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3. Make Sure Your Dog Wears A Cooling Neckband

Extreme heat in the neck region, which has sweat glands and capillaries, causes the body to lose energy considerably more quickly than it does in other areas.

According to research from an article by National Center for Biotechnology Information, cooling the neck increased the time taken to reach exhaustion by dampening the perceived levels of thermal strain. Reducing the perceived amount of thermal strain by cooling the neck region enhances one’s performance.

This is when the IDEAKOKO pet cooling neckband and IDEAKOKO human cooling neckband both come in handy to protect you and your dog. Our neckbands are designed specifically to keep both dogs and humans cool even in harsh conditions. The neckbands are cool enough to include on your hike with your dog in all types of hot weather.

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4. Take Breaks While Hiking

Dogs frequently exhaust themselves more than we do because of their constant back-and-forth running and need to explore. Allowing yourself and your pet a break between hiking intervals, allows you both the chance to let breathe, stretch, and helps your pet a chance to cool down and keep going. Be aware that a dog’s internal cooling mechanism is far less effective than our own.   

Therefore, bring them to rest in the shade often. If you have planned for a hike in hot weather, then try buying a cooling mat for your dog from IDEAKOKO so they can lay on it during rest breaks.

While planning to hike in the hot weather, prepare yourself with the best products for you and your dog’s safety and have a fun-filled hike.

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5. Avoid Prolonged Exposure to Hot Sand & Pavement    

Avoid exposing your dog’s paws for a long period of time to hot asphalt and sand.

Try to walk your dog in the shade throughout the summer to avoid the hottest pavement. Stick to grassy areas when you go for a short walk during the day.

Try using some paw protection creams or bringing along a cooling pet mat for them to rest on. Both items will keep dogs’ paws safe if you plan to go for a lengthy hike, especially if it is especially sunny outside or you are crossing tough terrain.

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 6. Get Hiking Booties for Your Dog

Dog hiking boots are useful for navigating rough routes on hot hikes and rugged terrain.

No matter where you go hiking with dogs, hiking booties for dogs may protect your pet’s paws from becoming worn out on lengthy hikes and from getting their pads burned on hot days.

Some pets will tolerate hiking booties better than others. If you dog won’t wear hiking booties, instead consider bringing a cooling pet mat with your to allow them to rest their paws and take a break.

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7. Give Your Dog Plenty of Water & Shade  

When going on a hike and planning for the amount of water you need to bring, take into account the weather and the length of your trip.

Carry extra water in case you need it, as well as a collapsible travel bowl or a water bottle with a built-in bowl so your pet can easily stop and drink along the trip.

A good rule of thumb is to stop for a water break around every 15 to 30 minutes so you and your pet are both properly hydrated and don’t overheat.

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 8. Carry an Insect Repellent for Your Dog

Whether it’s winter or summer, it is recommended to use insect repellent if you intend to hike in an area where ticks and other insects are common. Avoiding insect bites is one of the best safety tips to hike with your dog in the heat.

Just like you, dogs are susceptible to insect bites that make them itchy and uncomfortable. Additionally, such bites may expose them to infections or illnesses. If your dog is on a preventative medicine for insect bites, make sure to give it to them before going on your walk or hike.

To keep your dog safe from mosquitoes and ticks, you can also use a bug-repelling collar that may last for months at a time. Consult your vet on what collar or repellant is best for your dog.

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9. Closely Watch Your Dog’s Behavior

Another one of our safety tips to hike with your dog in the heat is to closely watch your dog’s behavior. When trekking outdoors, there are many interesting smells and sights to experience.

You never know what you or your pet might find, from various native animal species to local plants and nature.

Watch your dog carefully and pay attention to what they are doing. They might step on a thorn or cactus. Just be mindful of them since their curiosity can lead to accidents or dangerous situations.

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10. Avoid Strenuous Exercise    

Avoiding strenuous exercise is one of the most important safety tips to hike with your dog in the heat. On extremely hot days, keep your hiking sessions short and avoid pushing yourself or your dog beyond your limits.

The same goes for days with high humidity. For those really hot days check out some simple activities to keep your dog busy indoors, or bring along a cooling neckband to reduce the chance of your dog overheating.

If your dog shows signs that they are hot or uncomfortable, such as heavy panting, frequent rests, or other indications, it may be best to turn back and plan for a less intense hike.

Puppy biting a first-aid box

11. Stock Up on Emergency Supplies  

Keeping emergency supplied on hand is one of the crucial safety tips to hike with your dog in the heat.

There is always a chance that your dog could get hurt, such as sustaining heat burns or pains while hiking, even if you take extra precautions. You need to have access to emergency supplies so that you can act quickly in an emergency situation.

One great tip is to carry a pet first aid kit with necessary supplies. Bring along items such as tweezers, alcohol wipes, bandages, and other things you might need in the case of an injury on the trail.

Ideakoko neckband

Get an IDEAKOKO Cooling Neckband for Hiking

The icicool neckband from IDEAKOKO does not leave unpleasant condensation or water droplets, in contrast to neck bands that use water as their cooling agent, and are a great addition to any walk or hike.

The icicool neckband is simple to remove whenever you want and store wherever because it does not get wet or produce water droplets. A cooling neckband can enhance performance while out on hikes since your dog will not be as hot as they would be in typical conditions, allowing you and your pet to reach your destination with no concerns about overheating.

To learn more about cooling products for yourself and your pets while out on walks and hikes, visit IDEAKOKO.

ICY Cool mat

Use the IDEAKOKO Icicooling Pet Mat

Another amazing product you can buy for your dog is an icicooling mat.  

The IDEAKOKO icicool mat is frozen at room temperature, uses patented technology, stays dry since it does not produce water droplets, and is cool and refreshing, in addition to being reusable and long-lasting with an ergonomic design.

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Enjoy the Warm Weather and Hike Safely with Your Dog       

If you like hiking and want to bring your dog along, be sure to follow all of the safety tips to hike with your dog in the heat. Be sure to purchase cooling products for yourself and your dog before heading out on your hike.

If you follow all of our helpful tips for hiking with your dog, you will have a trouble-free time. Happy hiking!