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To ensure smooth global operations, Mayfair strategically operates warehouses in Korea, the UK, the US, Spain, and Germany. This extensive network allows for easy export and import of products worldwide, providing broader opportunities with us.

Why us?

Multi-National Warehouses

To ensure seamless global operations and maximize our reach, Mayfair strategically operates a vast network of warehouses in various key locations worldwide. In addition to our existing warehouses in Korea, the UK, the US, Spain, and Germany, we are constantly expanding our network to other strategic locations. This extensive warehousing network not only enables us to efficiently export and import products to any part of the world but also provides you with a multitude of opportunities to explore and expand your business on a global scale. With our wide-reaching network, you can tap into new markets and connect with customers from different corners of the globe, opening doors to endless possibilities and growth.

Custom Clearance

Our company has obtained UK EORI and EU EORI numbers, as well as VAT registration in both the UK and one of EU country. If you don’t have an EORI number or VAT number, there’s no need to worry. This will significantly reduce the stress of customs clearance when shipping to EU countries from outside of the EU.

**EORI number?

Why is it important? An EORI number, short for Economic Operators Registration and Identification number, is a unique identification number assigned to businesses that import or export goods within the European Union (EU). It helps to streamline customs procedures and facilitates the movement of goods across borders. By obtaining an EORI number, businesses can ensure compliance with EU customs regulations and avoid unnecessary delays or complications in their trade activities. Therefore, it is crucial for businesses engaged in international trade to understand the significance of having an EORI number and to promptly apply for one if required.

Logistics Solution

Are you looking for ways to reduce your logistics costs? Do you require local warehousing and logistics services in the US, Europe, or Korea? We have warehouses located in the US, UK, Spain, Germany, and Korea, and we offer customized logistics services tailored to meet the specific needs of our customers.

Do you need a local warehouse?

If you’re ready to take your dreams to a new world, we’re here to support you. We are always by your side, ready to help you create legendary stories.

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Advanced Logistics Technology

Mass production

Are you prepared for mass production? As you may know, large retailers have a high volume of daily customer visits at each of their branches. If you become our partner and supply your product to these retailers, it is necessary to have the capability for mass production.

Factory Audit

Before partnering with us and supplying your products to major retailers, it is important to ensure that your factory meets the necessary standards and requirements. Conducting a thorough factory audit and ensuring compliance with guidelines such as Compliance, Documentation, Quality Control, Supply Chain Transparency, Worker Welfare, and Environmental Sustainability will demonstrate your commitment to producing high-quality products and maintaining ethical standards. This will increase your chances of becoming a valued supplier for major retailers.

Product to the right people

While it’s important to put your best foot forward, sometimes the challenge lies in actually getting your foot in the door. ECRM can be the spark that ignites your business opportunities by connecting you with buyers at major chains who are actively seeking new products. We liaise with ECRM and empower you to take control and accelerate your success.

The world's leading retailers

Rangeme is a platform that allows you to showcase your products to thousands of leading retailers. With Rangeme, you can create a brand profile, customize product pages, and engage with potential retail partners. Don’t miss the chance to have your products discovered by the world’s leading retailers. However, Rangeme can be a challenging platform, but we are here to help you seize the opportunity.

Pitching preparation

To effectively promote our products and capture potential buyers’ attention, we must provide detailed and compelling explanations about the exceptional qualities and benefits of our offerings. Engaging with global buyers can be stressful, but with our preparation and a confident approach, we can impress World’s leading retailers.

Marketing Solution

Do you have any concerns about how to promote your product in new markets? Are you looking to expand your sales area and conduct marketing in different languages? We can help you develop a comprehensive marketing strategy to effectively promote your product in the desired market. Let’s discuss how we can support your expansion efforts.