How Cooling Neckbands are So Effective at Keeping You Cool

Have you ever wondered how cooling neckbands are so effective at keeping you cool?  

We’ve come a long way from relying on a wet towel around our necks to cool down. The latest cooling neckband technologies can keep you cool for hours. In fact, IDEAKOKO’s cooling neckbands utilize some of the most advanced cooling technologies to cool down the human body. 

Whether you need to cool down after working out, after being out in the sun, or just tend to overheat in your day-to-day life, a cooling neckband is the ideal solution. Our cooling neckbands are a great way to stay cool without getting your clothes or electronics wet or having to be near a refrigerator or freezer to refreeze your neckband.  

Learn how cooling neckbands are so effective at keeping you cool, why they work, and how you can use them to stay cool in any situation. 

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What Are Cooling Neckbands? 

Cooling neckbands, like their name suggests, are devices designed to be worn around the neck and keep you cool. There are many different types of cooling neckbands, but most of them work the same–by cooling the neck with either a cooling gel or water.  

IDEAKOKO’s cooling neckband is designed to be worn around the neck and comes in three different sizes to ensure the best fit. The neckband design completely covers the neck area for maximum cooling effect. 

The IDEAKOKO icy-cool neckbands comfortably fit around the neck and provide a gentle cooling sensation. They can also be frozen for a more stimulating and long-lasting chilling experience. Unlike basic cotton neckbands that absorb perspiration or absorbent neck towels that contain cool water, IDEAKOKO cooling neckbands do not require soaking or even freezing to keep users cool and comfortable. 

Our neck bands are made to absorb excess heat and keep your skin cool. This is a very effective way to keep your body cool. They are also available in a variety of colors and styles, so you can be sure to find one that you like. 

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The History of Cooling Neckbands 

The cooling neckbands that we have developed for modern use have come a long way from the wet handkerchiefs and towels of the past.  For thousands of years, people have used wet towels, handkerchiefs, rags, and other cloth-like materials with cold water and wear them around the neck.  

These methods do provide some relief from heat and are even still used by some people today. There have been great strides made in creating cooling neckband technologies, from using cooling fabrics to increasing absorption for more water retention in neckbands that rely on cold water to reduce the temperature of the neck. 

However, wet-cloth neckbands are not nearly as effective at lowering body temperature as more advanced cooling technologies. 

In order to keep cool and stay cool longer, IDEAKOKO has developed a cooling neckband that utilizes the same substance developed by NASA to protect astronauts and spacecraft from extreme differences in temperature.  

Our thermoregulating materials help absorb excess heat when in contact with the user’s skin, allowing them to gently cool off and remain cool for longer periods of time.  

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How Are Cooling Neck Bands So Effective 

Cooling neckbands can provide relief for individuals who “run hot” or are prone to overheating, such as athletes, women with hot flashes, people who work or play outdoors, and individuals who live in very hot climates.  

How cooling neckbands are so effective at keeping you cool is based on a few different factors. Cooling neckbands can cool down a person by targeting the neck, which is home to some of the body’s most important blood-transporting “highways”. By targeting the neck, neckbands can cool blood in the large blood vessels that lie close to the skin surface.  

Additionally, when you press something cool against the back of the neck, it is also pressed to the brainstem that runs through the neck. The brainstem is the part of the brain that senses and regulates body temperature. A cooling neckband that wraps around the back of the neck expedites the sensation of cooling throughout the entire body. 

In fact, multiple studies have shown that athletic performance such as running time and distance increases after cooling the neck. 

Towels soaked in cold water, or even frozen, can provide temporary cooling relief—but will quickly lose their cooling effect as the body heats the towel. IDEAKOKO’s cooling neckbands work differently. The material used in our neckbands freezes and remains frozen at room temperature, below 28°C (82.4°F). 

While this is still lower than the body’s natural temperature of about 98.6°F, it requires much less time and energy to re-freeze on its own once the material has thawed after use. 

IDEAKOKO’s cooling neckbands create a refreshing cool sensation that can be amplified by placing the neckband in the refrigerator or freezer, allowing it to refreeze in only 15 minutes and providing an invigorating cold sensation for the wearer. 

Demand For Cooling Neckbands 

We’ve all heard about global warming, but many of us experienced global warming firsthand this year. The market for cooling wearables is expected to increase as temperatures rise globally and more extreme hot weather occurs. 

Worldwide, 2016 was the warmest year on record, 2020 was the second warmest, and 2012–2021 was the warmest decade on record since thermometer-based observations began. Millions of people in hot, humid, and temperate climates are expected to seek out cooling neckband products. 

In addition to being expensive, air conditioners do not provide portable cooling and require electricity to use. Portable, personal air conditioners such as cooling fans also require batteries or electricity to use, which is not always possible in many areas of the world.  

Cooling neckbands are an obvious choice for individuals in search of a way to cool down without spending too much money or worrying about whether they can rely on a device to work—unlike products that depend on other power sources.  

Traditional cooling neckbands have their uses; however, many people do not have immediate access to a refrigerator or freezer and are irritated by messy water droplets from neckbands that work by soaking in water. While some new cooling neckband products have solved these problems, many still have a very low natural freezing point of 18°C (64°F). 

IDEAKOKO’s cooling neckband is unique in that it provides gentle cooling relief and remains frozen at room temperature, below 28°C (82.4°F). No other cooling neckband on the market has the same level of function, versatility, and efficiency.  

With so much demand for a portable, effective cooling product, it’s no wonder so many people are asking how cooling neckbands are so effective at keeping you cool, and which is best for individual use. 

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Effectiveness Of Cooling the Neck 

There have been a myriad of studies measuring the effectiveness of neck-cooling devices on athletic performance, body temperature, and overall degree of cooling on the body. Dig into the science behind how cooling neckbands are so effective at keeping you cool. 

The scientific and health communities are well aware that cooling the neck has many benefits for staying cool while working out or exercising, reducing the chances of overheating during heat waves or in hot climates, and for reducing uncomfortable effects of hot flashes and heat. 

Beyond the obvious benefits of cooling neckbands, scientists have begun to study what types of neck cooling methods are most effective for practical use and applications. 

Several studies have shown that modern neckbands and neck coolers are effective at cooling down the body and enhancing performance.  

For athletes, neck-cooling improves repeated sprint performance in the heat. Multiple studies have shown that athletic performance such as running time and distance increases after cooling the neck. 

In a study on head, face and neck cooling as cooling during exercise modalities to improve exercise performance in the heat, it was found that in the heat, neck cooling during exercise improves athletic performance in both endurance and team sports athletes. Furthermore, from a practical standpoint, neck cooling is preferred over head, face, and combined head/face and neck cooling for both endurance and team sport athletes in the heat. 

In another study on the effects of intermittent neck cooling during repeated bouts of high-intensity exercise, it was found that holding an ice bag on the back of the neck for one minute between rounds of high-intensity exercise attenuates the rise in skin temperature and, as a result, makes participants feel cooler and, at times, less exerted. 

Additionally, in a study on the safety and efficacy of head and neck cooling therapy after concussion in adolescent athletes, it was found that athletes who received head and neck cooling had a faster symptom recovery and experienced significant reduction in symptom severity scores after treatment. 

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Try A Cooling Neckband for Yourself 

If you’re still on the fence about whether a cooling neckband is the right cooling tool for your needs, try one out for yourself! Get an icicooling neckband from IDEAKOKO and get relief from the heat. Discover how cooling neckbands are so effective at keeping you cool firsthand. 

Cooling neckbands are a great way to keep you cool when you’re feeling the heat, want to customize how cool you feel, or need occasional relief from hot flashes. These neckbands are a great, simple, and easy tool that can be used in many situations. Both men, women, children, and even pets can wear our neck bands.